Glutathione and what they didn’t want you to know

By | July 10, 2012

Glutathione is a naturally occurring antioxidant that is produced throughout the body, but primarily in the liver.  It is a complex compound composed of three amino acids and serves to neutralize toxins before they are expelled from the body. Glutathione It is also found in most vegetables and fruits.  Glutathione has a number of beneficial effects and is crucial to the proper functioning of a number of biologic systems.

Research with HIV patients, cancer patients, and the elderly has shown that a deficiency in glutathione can compromise the immune system as well as the central nervous system.  People who are deficient in glutathione cannot effectively fight off free radicals, nor can they recycle the antioxidants they need to keep their immune systems healthy.  Low levels of glutathione prevent the liver from effectively detoxifying the body.  Glutathione is also linked to aging and oxidization stress on the body and its systems.  Lower levels of glutathione are associated with the oldest age groups, while young and healthy individuals exhibit much higher levels of the powerful tripeptide.

The levels of glutathione in our bodies decrease naturally as we age, negatively impacting the health of our immune systems and our ability to heal from injury and physical stress.   It is therefore crucial to maintain our capacity to produce this important antioxidant as we age.  Apart from eating vegetables and fruits, glutathione cannot be readily absorbed as an oral supplement as it is a protein and breaks down.  However, glutathione production in the body can be stimulated in a variety of ways. Glutathione is composed of cysteine, glycine and glutamine, all of which are readily available as supplements.  Whey protein that is unpasteurized and chemical free is a great source of glutathione’s component amino acids.  Also recommended are fish oil, selenium, and folic acid supplements.  These supplements and vitamins act in combination to boost the body’s ability to produce its own glutathione.

The benefits of increasing glutathione production in the body are innumerable.  Higher levels of glutathione are linked to stronger muscles, better recovery rates from injury, and a strong immune and central nervous system.  Increased glutathione production has a beneficial effect on biliary function and there is evidence to support the theory that it slows down the aging process significantly, both internally and externally.  In essence, if you want to remain healthy and strong, both mentally and physically, it is vitally important to keep your glutathione levels consistently elevated.

Using raspberry ketone supplements for weight loss and more

By | April 12, 2012

These days, many people are suffering from issues related to excess weight. For those of you don’t know, there are many supplements that you can use to facilitate weight loss. Raspberry ketone is considered to be one of the most common supplements used by people who are keen on losing weight. raspberry ketoneWhile on the internet, you will realize that this supplement has been exclusively featured on many online platforms. A lot of research is still ongoing to understand the benefits that this supplement has to offer for people who want to shed weight. So far, a lot of benefits have already been associated with the supplement which is evidenced by the numerous success stories from users who have used raspberry ketone to reduce weight.

High appetite usually tends to drive people to eat a lot of food. Excessive food consumption particularly junk foods have been blamed for the increasing number of people who are overweight. Raspberry ketone has been manufactured in a way that it substantially reduces one’s appetite levels. In case you are so paranoid about the many snacks you consume in between meals, you don’t need to worry as you could be too satisfied to consume the next meal. This supplement makes one to feel satisfied for extended periods of time which means less intake of food.

Many people accumulate body weight because of the increased level of stored fats. Enhanced metabolism is a critical process for quickly losing unwanted body weight. When you use raspberry ketone, your body cells begin using a lot of energy to facilitate various body functions which in turn compels the body to utilize the fats in the form of energy. When choosing a weight loss supplement, it is important to find one which will quickly break down stored body fats and use them as energy.

Regular and consistent engagement in exercises is critical for people who want to lose weight. It has been proved that raspberry ketone not only has the capability to enhance metabolism but also works to increase energy levels within the body. It is important for people who are keen on losing weight to consistently participate in physical exercises.

Recent statistics have proved that raspberry ketone is very effective as it has enabled people to lose almost 10 pounds in a period of 30 days. The process of identifying an ideal health supplement could be tricky especially if you do not have the right information with you. However, people who have tried using raspberry ketone agree that it is very effective for weight loss purposes. So, if you have been endlessly searching for the appropriate weight loss supplement to use, raspberry ketone could be the answer you have been looking

How to benefit from taking HCG

By | November 10, 2011

Even though the HCG diet is much simpler when compared to others, some patients may still find it hard to stick with. But never fear! We have developed an HCG diet success guide that can help you to remain focused on the important aspects of the plan so that you can be more successful in your weight loss goals. Whether you have just started the HCG diet, or have been at it for a while now and just want to make sure you are following the plan correctly, you can still use this guide.

Take Your Drops, Daily

Every day you should be taking your recommended dosage of HCG drops. Failure to do this for even a day can mean that your body’s metabolism slows, or that you experience a dip in your weight loss results. Be sure to keep plenty of HCG drops on hand so that you never mistakenly run out. Also be sure that you are checking the expiration dates with each new bottle that your order or begin to use. Doing all these things means that you will always have a steady supply of quality HCG drops ready to go when needed.

Follow Your Diet

Stick to your low calorie diet! This may seem difficult for some, especially during the first few weeks. However, sticking to this diet is very important. Instead of focusing on the instant gratification that food might give you, now, think about the long term satisfaction that losing weight and having a new body will be sure to give you, instead. If you cheat on your diet, do not expect the HCG diet to be as effective for you as it could be, or as effective as it has been for others.

Find Support in Others

What if it all seems too overwhelming and too much? Even so, there is still hope. The HCG diet is currently being used by lots of people. Many of these people have started message boards, email list servs, and other methods of communication to give each other support. These services are often free to join, or may even be included in your HCG diet plan. Use these people for inspiration, support, and as a community that can encourage you to stick to your guns so that you can lose the weight like never before. These people are here to help, so take advantage!